Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Achieve 1920's Gatsby-Inspired Wedding Make-Up

With the launch of Baz Luhrman’s new movie, The Great Gatsby, the next big trend in weddings is predicted to be a strong 1920’s influence.

The 1920’s were an incredible era in the development of makeup. It was in the 1920’s that Max Factor, a pioneer of Hollywood movie cosmetics, began selling his line of Make Up to the public. Before this, makeup was just for the Silent Movie Celebrities such as Clara Bow. Clara was a movie star commonly known as the “it girl” and everyone wanted the Clara Bow Lips. It was during this time that Max Factor invented the term Makeup. Before the end of the decade he had also invented lip gloss (1928) and introduced the first commercial lip brush to the public (1929).

1920’s women turned to cosmetics to play up their femininity as men returned home from WWI and to empower them as they began to enter the workplace. With powders, blushes, shadows and lipsticks hitting the mainstream, the 1920s was the decade in which beauty culture was born.

Typically, 1920’s makeup requires perfect porcelain matte skin, rosy red cheeks and a dark, almost sad, eye. Brows were very high, thin and arched and sloped downwards. Lips were dark and pouty with the “cupids bow” exaggerated.

To create a modern day Gatsby makeup means to take inspiration from the 20’s and mix it with a more modern approach. Here is a step by step guide to creating a modern 1920’s influenced bride.
  1. 1920’s skin is perfect. Start by exfoliating, moisurising or priming your skin.
  2. Apply foundation and concealer. 20’s skin is pale, so to achieve a Gatsby look you might apply foundation slightly lighter than your skin.
  3. Draw in your eyebrows. While modern makeup means that everything we do is to ‘lift’ the eyes, 20’s is the opposite. We want to create a ‘sleepy’ eye so brows are drawn sloping downwards. 20’s brows are hard and strong, however, for a more modern look, brows can be thicker and lighter.
  4. In the 1920’s it all about the eyes. Eyes are dark and smokey. Apply a dark colour over the entire lid concentrating on the crease. Kohl was hugely popular in the 20’s so liner was used around the whole eye. Again, the look was sleepy so eye makeup didn’t flick up at the end. Keep eyeliner sloping down. Keep everything soft, smudged and smokey. For a lighter look but still with a Gatsby feel, use a lighter brown or even a purple or grey to create the smokey look.
  5. Curl the lashes and apply two coats of mascara.
  6. Apply a cherry red powder or cream blush to the apples of the cheek. If red is too strong, then a pink will be a softer version of this look.
  7. Lips were typically red or burgundy or maroon. Use a lip liner to exaggerate the top peaks of the upper lip. A small but full mouth was very popular in the 1920’s so finish lining your lips just before the corners of your mouth. Colour in with a dark or red lipstick.
  8. Finish with a powder all over to create a porcelain matte look. For a more modern look, keep the cheeks dewy and just matte the nose, forehead and chin. 
The 1920’s is an incredibly romantic and classic makeup look, making it perfect for a modern bride who wants a vintage or glamorous feel. Whether you have total Gatsby Fever, or just want to take inspiration, you can achieve a classic gorgeous makeup look to suit your style. 

Michelle won the 2010 Make Up award at the International Spa & Beauty Expo for her 1920’s bride, (above).
Michelle is a professional make up artist and owner of The Wedding Artists representing some of Australia’s most talent professional photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers.

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